BootDisk v1.0a for Windows 95/98

(released 12th March 2001)
by Dev Anand Teelucksingh ([email protected])

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This is a batch file that will create a boot disk for Windows 95/98 from various third party programs. Such a boot disk is very useful for

It is geared for the majority of Windows users with IDE CD-ROM drives (no SCSI support).

By using third party programs and this batch file, you can create a much better boot disk than you could do with Windows and also recreate the boot disk easily rather than manually recreating it every time.

The BOOTDISK.ZIP should contain these files :

Do ensure that you have the latest version of this batch file at my Interesting DOS programs page at

How to install

Note : I am not responsible for any damage caused by the use of this program. Using this batch file is completely at your own responsibility

You should also familiarise yourself with the documentation of each third party utility before using them.

Necessary files to download

These third party files are absolutely needed by BootDisk and will not run if they are not found.

UnZIP v5.42

This allows you to extract files from ZIP files created with Pkzip/Pkunzip/Winzip.

Download the DOS binary UNZ542X3.EXE.

SHSUCDX v1.4a This download is actually a suite of programs (SHSUCD14.ZIP) which could be used to create and manage images of CDROMS and make them look like CDROMS on a network. However, one useful component is SHSUCDX which is a replacement for MSCDEX. Both of these programs allow DOS to access CDs as if they were hard disks and must be resident in memory. SHSUCDX however uses only 11K resident while MSCDEX uses 25K resident and the file size of SHSUCDX is also smaller.

The default drive letter assiged to the IDE CDROM drive is Y:

Acer's CDROM driver Acer's CDROM driver for DOS (APICD214.EXE) works with a variety of other brand IDE CDROM drives but uses only 5K resident
DOSED v5.2

DOSED is a freeware DOSKEY equivalent but with the ability to complete partial file or directory names on the command prompt, just like Linux's Bash shell.

For example with DOSED installed, and you are at the root directory C:\ and you want to cd to C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND,
you would normally type : cd C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND
With DOSED you can type : cd C:\WI
press Tab, and DOSED will complete the directory name like this : cd C:\WINDOWS
continue typing \COM to get : C:\WINDOWS\COM
press Tab and DOSED will complete the directory name as : C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND

A great time saver. Download

Optional files

These optional tools are very useful. Be sure to read the documentation for each utility and decide if you need such a program. If so, just put the original ZIP archive downloaded in the same directory as the bootdisk batch file.

Partition Resizer v1.34

This is a freeware program to resize and/or move your FAT16/FAT32 partitions safely without destroying the data in these partitions.

This is very useful if you have one existing FAT32 partition as drive C and you want to create a second FAT partition as drive D. It is also useful for creating space on the hard disk for installing a second operating system.

Long File Name Tools v1.60

These are standalone EXE files for internal DOS commands which supports the long file names of files and directories that plain DOS does not support.

With these tools you can work with files with long names in plain DOS. Useful for recovering data files from the hard drive if Windows is unable to boot

Free FDISK v1.0 RC1

The is a free hard disk partitioning utility published as part of the FreeDOS project.

It supports creating the creation of FAT16/FAT32 partitions and supports non DOS partitions like Linux. Also, it has commandline options which you could use to automate the creation of partitions with a batch file.

Program Editor v4.0

This is an excellent freeware text editor which has the familiar look and feel of MS Edit but with more features. The full version includes a spell-checker and a thesaurus but includes a "lite" version suitable for boot disks

XMSDSK v1.9i

This allows you to specify an amount of RAM to appear like a hard drive partition. It is much more flexible than MS RAMDRIVE.SYS driver because it can be installed and uninstalled directly from the command line.

By including XMSDSK, you can have the boot disk create a ramdrive to put programs like the LFN Tools there. Those programs on the ramdrive would execute much faster than the relatively slow floppy drive.

However, this would result in a longer time to boot since the files will have to be copied from the boot floppy to the ram drive.

The boot disk will ask whether you want to create a ram drive or not. The default drive letter for the ramdrive is Z:

UPX v1.07

UPX is a portable, extendable, high-performance executable packer for several different executable formats which means that it makes EXE files smaller.

I discovered that it could compress the LFN Tools EXE files and other EXE files by 50%.

The packed files seems to work okay so if this archive is included in the same directory as the bootdisk batch file, the batch file will use it to compress several EXE files on the bootdisk which would create more free space on the bootdisk.

Don't blame the authors of LFN Tools or UPX if the compressed files don't work. You should test and ensure that the files will work beforehand and if you have any doubts or problems, then don't include this archive. Download the DOS version

NOTE :If you plan to run Bootdisk in plain DOS, you must have CWSDPMI installed for UPX to run in plain DOS.
Just download CWSDPMI and put it in the same directory as the rest of the optional files where BOOTDISK.BAT resides.

If you are running Bootdisk in a DOS window under Win9x, then CWSDPMI is not needed.

Other programs you might find useful

Directory Freedom v4.61B

Small (single 39K exe), fast freeware file/directory manager. (Doesn't support long filenames though)

98lite 3.0

Remove Internet Explorer from Win98, or give Win98 the faster Win95 GUI

XOSL 1.1.5

GNU graphical boot manager to select what OS to run on startup

For more suggestions for DOS programs, visit my page at and for Windows, Linux, BeOS and other OSes visit my user group page,
the Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society at

Release History

Final Words

If you used these third-party programs and are happy with them, do consider sending a thank you email to the authors of these programs.

A good website on DOS batch file programming is the Batfiles website at

If you have any questions, comments, bug reports or suggestions, you can email me at [email protected]